Furries in Nijmegen (Holland)
Last saturday lots of furries came together in Nijmegen for fursuiting, socializing and enjoying what most furs are fond of; lots FOODZ!

Sunday was photography day... I made some pictures of my own fursuit character 'North' and some pics of GrayShay's character 'Brody'

I just finished postproduction :)

My new fursuit
'North' is my new fursuit character. He's a b&w street husky, made by KiwiHunter.

North's introduction was planned today in Groningen at the 3FM Glazen Huis event but that furmeet was cancelled due to severe snowfall.

So, being a street husky and thus preferring to roam the streets in stead of polar landscapes, North's maiden 'on-the-loose' trip was to .... a shopping mall! His pals Garrodor and MurderWolf joined in and thank Dog for StoelBank and WhiteShadowFox to keep an eye on the whole bunch!

Sheppy made some awesome pictures!


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